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Public Workshops

Financial Focus runs the following workshops which are open to the general public on a regular basis. Workshops are very interactive, with each delegate receiving personal attention. Delegates receive copies of all training material.


Manage your Money

 For many people, money is a big cause of stress in their lives. In the vast majority of cases, each month represents an emotional rollercoaster ride, characterised by the “high” as your salary comes in, and followed by the “low” as you wait anxiously for the next paycheck. In fact, for most people, there is a sense of there “never being enough” when it comes to money. Sadly, all too often, money controls us, rather than other way round. 

With this workshop, you will get an opportunity to take the control back. Learn about what it means to have your financial house in order, and master essential financial life skills such as budgeting, saving and dealing with debt.  Take a closer look at your attitudes towards and beliefs around money and wealth, and see how these might be affecting your current economic reality.


Finance for Entrepreneurs

 Most entrepreneurs start their businesses without any real financial background.  Even if they have studied at a tertiary level, all too often they find the financial side of their business confusing and even intimidating.  The reality is that most degrees and courses do not necessarily prepare you for running a business on a day-to-day basis.  As a result, many entrepreneurs learn about managing the financial side of their business through trial and error.  This can be costly, as well as distracting, as the business owner’s attention is taken away from their core business.  Even worse, the financial side of the business is neglected, which can led to the business failing, even when there is a brilliant business idea or concept.

The Finance for Entrepreneurs workshop provides you with an opportunity to learn the financial fundamentals everyone should know when starting a business.  Demystify the financial side of your business,  increase your confidence and financial vocabulary and avoid the hassle of making unnecessary mistakes.  The workshop contains a wealth of practical information, examples and tips, rather than just approaching the subject from a theoretical basis. The course is ideally suited to anyone thinking of starting a new business as well as entrepreneurs who are running their own small business. 








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